JCV Is Not A One Stop Shop. We Are a Finely Tuned Organization With a Very Specific Operational Capacity

JCV specializes in Structured Cabling, Access Control, Fiber Optics and Wireless Infrastructure. We only work with Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing and logistics companies.

End-to-end design, management + installation

When it comes to Infrastructure Installations, JCV has developed a repeatable process over the last 25 years. Every project is different and requires deep understanding of the customers expected use and operational performance.



Project specifications are derived from customer requirements, understanding of the operational environment and expected performance. JCV will design solutions that meet all expectations and performance requirements.


Proposal Generation
And Iteration

JCV will begin work on client's proposal after project specifications have been defined and accepted. Site walks, planning and engineering will begin. Once, completed a proposal will be presented.



Proposal acceptance typically hangs on cost and time frame. We will iterate our proposal and provide a solution to meet our customer needs.


Material and Resource

Once a proposal is accepted, we will begin material and asset purchases. Staging of devices, materials and resource to project sites are key to perform well in advance of project start. Man power will also be defined and allocated well in advance of project start. You will also receive a dedicated Project manager that understands your project and specifications to the greatest detail.


Project Start

Project start should happen on schedule and without unexpected delay. Our projects are scheduled and work tasks are defined and prepared in advance of project start. our technicians know what, when and how, with a pre-planned daily task schedule before they hit the site.


Project Reporting

JCV delivers project reports to all stake holders on a daily basis via email. You will also have access to our project management application called CableFi. CableFi will provide you with a minute by minute project completion status. You will know exactly what gets done every day.


100% Audit

When JCV completes every project site, our audit team is sent in and does a 100% QC validation on the installation before site turnover. We demand excellence from all of our team members and our QC team ensures you get the end product you are paying for.


Deliverable Handoff

Every customer has a specific set of deliverables they need at the end of each project. We pride ourselves on the detail and accuracy of our documentation. Every project gets a closeout check list that is followed and approved by project managers before officially leaving the site.

Project Management

JCV Communications is leading the industry on ICT project management. We did for structured cabling project management what BICSI did for low voltage standards. JCV built and spun out CableFi as its own company that now powers hundreds of structured cabling companies world wide.

JCV is embodied in one key trait – integrity. Integrity is the precursor to trust, and we are confident this simple character trait will lead us in our business decisions and project execution. Integrity and our values of innovation, excellent service and trust have enabled JCV to be one of the fastest growing small businesses in the South-East region.

The only Structured cabling project management platform

Our platform is used on three continents by hundreds of companies

We are driving the structured cabling industry forward with better process and procedures and project management for low voltage infrastructure installation.

200+ Companies

CableFi powers more than 200 structured cabling companies around the world.

1.6 K Technicians

We are unifying process and procedure in structured cabling

+25% Efficiency

Companies that use CableFi see up to 25% increase in technician efficiency on project sites

312K Man/hrs

No other process has more technician hours logged

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