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CableFi Software Defined-Building Edge Infrastructure

JCV and CableFi joined forces to develop a new model of network topography that has no vendor lock-in. What separates our solution from other vendor specific solutions is our Powered Fiber SD-BEI. It provides you one pane of glass for network configuration and orchestration with CableFi's infrastructure management and documentation platform giving IT admins a deep understanding of their infrastructures topology down to the port and cable number your end device is connected to while also being able to monitor all end devices that touch the network.

The powered fiber cabling solution combines high-performance, low-latency fiber-optic data connectivity with a copper low-voltage PoE power connection. This enables the connection of any number of powered remote devices without the need for new conduit, bulky extra cable runs or expensive electricians. With the powered fiber cable solution, your network gains access to a vast and growing ecosystem of applications, including:

From the core to the edge, your network is adding connected devices and new smart-building services all the time. The opportunities and efficiencies they offer speak for themselves—but, as they spread to locations both indoors and out, you’re probably feeling the crunch caused by not having enough network access where it’s needed. CableFi solves these challenges with a complete range of powered fiber solutions designed for just the kind of high-demand powered devices that power smart networks in healthcare, hospitality, education, transportation and government environments, among others.

Application Overview

  • Complete power and data solution platform for IP devices
  • Low-voltage power provided by centralized source/backup UPS
  • One power supply can drive up to 32 devices simultaneously
  • Extends PoE distance up to three kilometers (at 15 watts)
  • Low-cost installation and setup
  • Supports passive optical network (PON) applications
  • Ideally suited to campus environments, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail, fiber to the room and more

Key Components of the CableFi SD-BEI Solution

Software-Defined Data Plane (SDDP)

The software-defined dataplane (SDDP) meets the high performance, availability, and network-scaling requirements of enterprise grade networks. The SDDP provides full linerate switching at layer 2 or layer 3 across 48 x 10 GbE ports and 6 x 10 GbE uplinks. The switch can be deployed asa top-of-rack switch forming a nonblocking data fabric. It features redundant, hot-swappable, load-sharing AC power input; fan tray withn+1 redundant fans; and port to-power or power-to-port airflow options.

Composite Cabling

Commscope® composite cables provide a time- and cost-saving solution for installations requiring remotely powered ONT equipment. By integrating copper and fiber into one cable, powered cables eliminate the need to install separate power and fiber cables. This saves installation time, labor costs, and duct or tray space. The maximum cable length is approximately 2,000 feet from a centralized location. This compact, versatile design is available with an interlocking armor option for additional protection where conduit may not be feasible.

Software-Defined Access Node (SDAN)

CableFi’s software-defined access nodes (SDANs) sit close to the network edge and the devices they power. Composite cable runs to the SDAN and a short copper jumper connects to each end device, such as a Wi-Fi access point or security camera. SDANs can support multiple PoE types, are available with eight to twenty four ports, and can support both GPON and Active Ethernet.

Orchestration Platform

This comprehensive, highly scalable software suite gives network administrators a full view of their network and all devices that are connected to it. Simple end-to-end installation, provisioning, and orchestration for the entire network can take place with the click of a mouse. Quickly add devices, diagnose network issues, and explore end device traffic. Tightly integrated into CableFi's infrastructure management and documentation platform that details how and where all of your IT infrastructure has been installed down to the cable and port number your device is connected to.

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